Bhutan the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’ remained relatively secluded from the rest of the world till the seventies, which has enabled it to maintain a culture rich in traditions based on its strong Buddhist heritage. Bhutan is a destination that offers you the opportunity to experience a way of life that is unique, see some of the most breathtaking landscapes on earth with its pristine environment, beautiful architecture and experience its unique and distinct culture with the friendly Bhutanese hospitality.

Abhaya Bhutan Tours and Treks is a licensed tour operator as certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan and we offer a variety of packages including Cultural, Adventure, Trekking, Buddhist pilgrimage, Well-being retreats, Home stays, Festivals and celebration tours that will experience the very best of what the kingdom has to offer, whilst not compromising on the comfort and quality of your journey.

Come and be charmed by the magic of Bhutan and its people with Abhaya Bhutan Tours and Treks. We guarantee you an unforgettable experience.